19 May 2022

AICA Global Meeting in Vancouver, Canada

ARTHOS Managing Partner Arne Tödt participated in the global M&A conference.
The 11th AICA global meeting was held on 12 – 14 May 2022 in Vancouver – attended by more than 40 members from 39 countries. The Canadian AICA member Sequeira Partners hosted this first in-person event since the global meeting in Singapore in 2019.

The continuous and long-term commitment of AICA members to invest time and resources to strengthen relationships and share deals and knowledge with fellow members is the basis for the long-term success of AICA. The year 2021 was a record year: The AICA members closed 338 deals with a total value of $9.1 BN. Also, the level of deal cooperation among AICA members is continuously increasing – there have been several deal closings across all regions during 2021. The presentation of the annual AICA Global Awards at the global meeting in Vancouver honoured outstanding and successful collaboration efforts.

As in every AICA meeting, plenty of time was allocated for one-to-one member interaction to discuss global cross-border deals, share best practices, network, and collaborate. In group sessions, the AICA members considered ways to navigate through uncertain times, caused by e.g. the covid pandemic or geopolitical issues, and further strengthen their business using collective skills and abilities. To create even greater benefits for members and their customers, AICA welcomed four new members from Chicago (US), Slovenia, Singapore, and Japan, who introduced and presented themselves at the global meeting. Excellent networking opportunities complemented the working sessions during gala dinners and the exploration of one of the Greenest Cities in the world with colleagues.

ARTHOS is a committed partner of the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA), and that’s why ARTHOS partners participate in all AICA meetings. From 2014 to 2018, Arne Tödt has been a member of AICA’s board of directors, leading as chairman from May 2016 to May 2018. Arno Pätzold is chairman of the membership committee, which is responsible for the acquisition of new members. AICA comprises over 40 owner-managed M&A advisory firms globally at more than 50 locations. As part of this exclusive global alliance, ARTHOS is able to offer its clients M&A advisory services worldwide by involving international experienced, knowledgeable local partners.

The next AICA meeting will be the AICA EMEA regional Meeting in October 2022, to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

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