13 November 2019

„Past and Present“
ARTHOS at the AICA EMEA regional meeting in Italy

ARTHOS Managing Partner participated in the 10th AICA EMEA Conference
From 7 - 9 November 2019 the AICA members from Europe, Middle East and Africa met in Italy, where in Rome the first AICA gathering took place ten years ago. “Past and Present” was this year’s theme at the meeting in Bologna – hosted by the Italian AICA Member Marco Polo. More than 30 M&A deal makers from 15 different AICA EMEA member firms attended the meeting.

The auspices of “Past and Present” refer to AICA’s inception and its enormous growth. Ten years ago, AICA was only a project and an idea. Now in 2019, AICA is an exclusive, global alliance and AICA members can offer its clients outstanding M&A consulting services involving local senior partner expertise world-wide.

As in every AICA meeting, in Bologna the focal point was again on the indispensable one-to-one meetings and group discussions to create actionable leads, opportunities, collaboration experiences and successful deals. Also, Italian guest speakers shared valuable insights on Italian economy, M&A market and Private Equity dynamics. Like last year an analysts and associates programme took place with a presentation of the results at the end of the conference. The conference sessions were complemented by excellent networking opportunities during gala dinners and a guided tour with colleagues through Bologna, a city that perfectly reflects this year’s theme “Past and Present” as home of the oldest European university and equally the most high-tech city in the country.

ARTHOS is a committed partner of the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA) and that’s why ARTHOS partners participate in all AICA meetings. For four years, Arne Tödt has been an active member of AICA’s board of directors, which he has led as chairman from 2016 till 2018. Arno Pätzold is the chairman of the membership committee, which is responsible for the acquisition of new members. AICA comprises above 40 owner-managed M&A advisory firms located at more than 50 different economic centres around the world. As a member firm of this exclusive, global alliance, ARTHOS is able to offer its clients M&A consulting services worldwide by involving international experienced, knowledgeable local partners.

The next AICA meeting will be the Global Meeting in May 2020, to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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