28 October 2022

LIVE collaborations – ARTHOS at the AICA EMEA regional meeting in Barcelona, Spain

ARTHOS Managing Partners participated in the 13th AICA EMEA Conference
From 20 – 22 October 2022 the AICA alliance members from Europe, Middle East and Africa met in Spain – it was the first in-person EMEA conference since 2019 but followed the global conference held in May in Vancouver. The Spain AICA member INEO Corporate hosted the event, more than 60 professionals from 21 member firms attended including some AICA members from Asia and Americas.

This year’s theme was “LIVE collaborations” referring to the importance of face-to-face interaction, which is an enabler in generating new deal opportunities and thus an essential component of the AICA formula. Therefore, team-on-team meetings, best practice exchange and joint activities such as a special gala dinner in the middle of the spectacular CosmoCaixa museum in Barcelona played a key role during the conference. 

AICA members reflected their different perspectives on the world changes that have taken place over the past months and years. How can the member firms be navigated best through a changed and evolving environment? How can they adapt their business strategy to ensure successful deal closings? One key topic was the discussion about benefits and challenges of cross-border AICA co-operation for tech deals, led by ARTHOS partner Arno Pätzold. The AICA alliance is perfectly suited to create tailored solutions to address specific challenges successfully. Therefore, ARTHOS is continuously collaborating on five to ten cross-border M&A transactions in parallel with AICA partners worldwide for the benefit of the clients. 

ARTHOS is a committed partner of the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA) and that’s why ARTHOS partners participate in all AICA meetings. For four years, Arne Tödt has been an active member of AICA’s board of directors, which he has led as chairman from 2016 till 2018. Arno Pätzold is the chairman of the membership committee, which is responsible for the acquisition of new members. AICA comprises approximately 40 owner-managed M&A advisory firms located at more than 50 different economic centres around the world. As a member firm of this exclusive global alliance, ARTHOS is able to offer its clients M&A consulting services worldwide by involving international experienced, knowledgeable local partners. 

The next AICA meeting will be the Global Meeting in May 2023, to be held in Dublin, Ireland.

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